SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

Our SSL certificates offer significant benefits to businesses by encrypting data, enhancing website security, building trust and credibility, ensuring compliance with security standards, improving search rankings, and facilitating secure online transactions. Implementing SSL certificates contributes to a positive user experience.

Organization Validated

Organization Validated Willan Technologies offer Organization Validation (OV) TLS/SSL Certificate. It is a mid-tier, high-assurance certificate ensuring absolute security and is suitable for ecommerce businesses. Check this out

Extended Validated

Extended Validated Willan Technologies provide ‘Extended Validation (EV) Certificate’ services. It is a type of TLS/SSL certificate that offers a top level of safety, security, enhancing confidence in the system. Check this out

SAN Multi-Domain

SAN Multi-Domain Willan Technologies provide multi-domain SAN SSL certificate services. It is a certificate that uses Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to secure multiple host names. It leads to easy maintenance. Check this out

Domain Validated

Domain Validated These services consist of low-cost certificates that only require validation that a company or person can demonstrate control over a web domain for which they want to secure a certificate. Check this out

SSL Certificates - Wildcard SSL/TLS

SSL Certificates - Wildcard SSL/TLS Willan Technologies provide SSL services for your website and company. An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection. Check this out

SSL Certificates - Multi-Domain Wildcard

SSL Certificates - Multi-Domain Wildcard There is nothing a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate can’t secure. A Multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate is fabricated with combined features of both wildcard SSL and Multi-domain SSL. Check this out

SSL Certificates - Code Signing

SSL Certificates - Code Signing Code signing certificates permit customers to verify that their code is authentic and has not been tampered with—protecting both parties against fraud, malware, and theft. We offer security. Check this out

Secure data transmission with advanced encrypted algorithm

SSL ensures that the data transferred between 2 different systems or users and websites, will be impossible to read. It uses encryption keys or encryption algorithms to scramble data in transit, which prevents hackers from reading it as it is sent over the network. This data includes potentially sensitive information such as names, addresses, credit card numbers, or other financial details.

Government websites deal with citizen’s sensitive information; hence they should install either single or multidomain EV Certificate depending on their department and area of expertise.

SSL Installation Service

SSL Installation Service

When you purchase our SSL Certificate Installation Service, our highly qualified SSL experts will make sure your SSL certificate is installed properly with just minimal involvement on your end.

SSL Tools

SSL Tools

These SSL tools are available to our customers and resellers to help with common SSL issues.

Validation Help Zone

Validation Help Zone

We have the resources and know-how to guide you through each step of the validation process.

Take the First Step Towards a Secure Future

Don't leave your website vulnerable to cyber threats. Choose Willan Technologies as your trusted SSL certificate provider and take the first step towards a secure online future. Browse our range of SSL certificates, find the perfect match for your website, and experience peace of mind with robust online security. We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes protect their websites, safeguard sensitive customer information, and enhance their online security. Get started today and safeguard your online presence with Willan Technologies!